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{2 year anniversary wedding pictures} Kansas City Wedding Photographer

I can not emphasize enough how much I love these two people!!!! My amazing brother and his beautiful bride Danielle didn’t get the chance to have formal wedding pictures taken, so for their 2 year anniversary we hit up some fields and got it done!  They are such beautiful people (inside and OUT) and their sweet, pure, genuine love for each other is such a precious thing to get to watch!

I love you both like crazy!!!


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Kansas City Wedding Photography- Sneak Peek of {Parker Wedding}

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful couple!!!

I met this lovely lady over a year ago and the moment we met in the coffee shop I knew she was going to be a blast to work with!  Her and her hubby are KU alumni so they decided to have their wedding just a few miles from the KU campus.  It happened to be KU’s homecoming game as well,  but all the excitement just seemed to add to the fun and anticipation of the day!!

Courtni was a BEAUTIFUL bride and watching her husband to be, Matt, try compose himself as he caught of glimpse of his stunning new bride walking down the isle was SO precious!

I wish you guys the absolute best!!!!

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